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Gomatha or Gaumatha Donate for Poor Injured Cows


Gomatha has been off late facing many accidents or humiliation from humans in India.

For Every Hour one or many Gomatha’s die in india due to various Reasons.

There has been no sufficient help from the government side as well.

But a person named Arjun Saini from Noida, Quit his IT job and started an Initiative.

That is helping poor abandoned or Injured/Attacked Gomatha’s in or around Noida City.

He Started with very small amount and now slowly gau nandi seva is getting bigger but is short of funds.

He raised a Ketto charitable fund but the Response is quite less.

It needs minimum of 10Lakhs an year to save or Help .

So below im posting a ketto link so that you can do your best to save Gomatha.

Just Check , If the Link doesnt work the below are his contact details

Everyone has been putting forth views on Goraksha and all sorts of opinions float around. However, the moot point is often forgotten, as to how come this special status for cow has come into being in the first place.

The domestication of cow happened in ancient times. Since the animal under question is docile and well tamed, it proved to be useful to mankind in several ways. Milk served as a food supplement for the growing population, as getting meat by hunting was a laborious job

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